Need help with studying a long list of items (airline flows, memory items etc..)

Hello, I am about to commence a job with an airline and need help with the best way to study for long lists that are in sequence. I have attached 3 different types that I will be attempting to study.

These vary from 1 item all the way up to 10+

What would be the best option?

Hope you are doing well in your job from the airlines. As a student with two years with Anki, here’s probably my way of tackling this diagram/material.

I would add questions which buttons (from diagram 1) where I ask myself how those button corresponds with the functions of the airplane, and get into researching of those buttons online or into your materials that you have. (I like textbooks to research and Google)

After that, I would use cloze deletion the texts in the diagrams, memorizing which codes of those buttons are, since I understood well how those button work after researching.

If I wanna improve more to understanding these things, I would take a online practice exam of the things I learnt from the diagrams. Because mistakes can emphasize of how you understand your materials (more from here - Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel: (

It may be not a perfect system of my way of studying and may have time constraints on how you study things, since you have a job in the airline.

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