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I was going to post the same, I have the same problem too.

The addon helped me remove nbsp from over 200 notes, but some of them still exist, especially with newly added notes. Just wanted to remind you that the addon works almost perfectly :frowning:

Does anyone know why this crap occurs? (I tried to clean up the text strings as much as possible using Excel before importing them into Anki)

Hey kleiner Pirat,

love the Addon. Any chance to add my own replacement rules in the script. I already found the script:

def clean_collection() -> None:
    op = find_and_replace(
                search=" ",
                replacement=" ",
                lambda out: purge_tooltip(mw, out.count)

Where and how may I insert multiple find_and_replace rules

Thanks :slight_smile:


Try the built-in find and replace menu to get rid of them. I’m assuming the  s on your screenshot are escaped in some weird way, so you need to press Ctrl+Shift+X first to see how they’re represented.

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Any chance to take a look at this problem? nbsp spaces are the bane of my existence

The nbsp;-problem is really annoying, so I looked for a solution and found your plugin. I just installed the nbsp remover plugin. Then I restarted Anki.

But the plugin does not seem to work: It’s supposed to remove nbsp while editing, but when pasting text from Wikipedia onto a new note, I still get a plentitude of nbsp;s. They are not removed, even when I write something in the textbox myself.
I’m using Anki version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩ (Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.6.1 PyQt 6.6.1)
(and MS Windows)

The add-on is not enabled in your screen, did you forgot to restart?

This green button appears once the add-on is enabled

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I’m using Anki on Windows 10 and I don’t recognize your interface. As you can see on this image, the menu entry is added.
I find no changes on the add new card window (it’s the “Lägg till” window in my Swedish interface).

What add-ons do you use besides nbsp remover?

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Perhaps it works anyway!
I thought the nbsp;s would be removed when pasting or writing. It was not until now that I notised a smiley appearing when I saved a new note, telling me that 1 nbsp was removed!

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