My sound or image don't work on AnkiDroid

I change my smartphone.
I have oppo a9-2020 android 9, colorOS 6

I have the folder on smartphone


Hi @avocetta,

Firstly, could you go through the steps listed:

If that fails, could you provide the fields of the card (and the card template if applicable) of a note which no longer works.

Thirdly, could you go to Settings - Advanced - About AnkiDroid - Copy Debug Info and paste that here

Finally, could you try debugging your WebView and determine what the problem is:

Hope this helps,


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AnkiDroid Version = 2.11.3

Android Version = 9

ACRA UUID = ef788835-b5c1-48df-a10b-1912ac513db7

Can you provide this?

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media works correctly on both AnkiWeb and Anki Desktop yes ok

all cards in ankidroid don’t work

HTML javascript inspection

Sometimes you need to look at the HTML and javascript generated by AnkiDroid as it displays cards. There are two ways to do this, either by looking at the raw HTML as a file or by watching it live on the device

First you’ll need to enable HTML/Javascript debugging, by enabling HTML/Javascript debugging in Advanced Preferences.


  1. To look at the HTML as a file, open the card you want to inspect in the reviewer, and at the same time browse to /sdcard/AnkiDroid - you should see card.html. The file will be overwritten fresh every time a question or answer is displayed in the reviewer.
  2. To look at the HTML+javascript live you can use Chrome WebView Remote debugging, open the reviewer with the card you want to inspect, in AnkiDroid either on a phone connected to your computer by USB with USB debugging enabled in the syatem, or on an emulator. Then using Chrome on the same computer open chrome://inspect and you should see the webview on the emulator. Click inspect for that WebView and you’ll get a full Chrome remote debugging console.

too difficult for me.

Ok, could you provide the HTML of the field when you go to “Edit Note”.

After that, could you export your collection from AnkiDroid, include media and scheduling, and either send the file to me via email (gmail: davidallisongithub), or see if you could link it on the forum for others to look at.



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I’m not able. I do not understand. what should I do?

Edit Note - Copy the Field containing the image - paste it here

<img src="paste-3822520893442.jpg" />


don’t work in ankidroid, ombelico di venere dont’ work in ankidorid.
, work in ankiweb. The image is not present in

Hi @avocetta,

two of your replies didn’t contain anything. What was the working image?

Is the failing image in your folder? Your first screenshot isn’t in English, but it looks like the images are in the AnkiDroid folder rather than

Does the image work on AnkiWeb?

I’ve quoted the HTML. That file is on AnkiWeb - could it be related to the plus signs?


@avocetta. Are you using an SD card to store your AnkiDroid Data?

It’s most probably the pluses - was the first thing I tested, and it worked correctly on my device.

are jìyou using an SD…

Can I manually copy the file from pc to ankidroid?

Yes, as long as you put it on the right place. Did you try running a Full Sync?

I can’t find the anki "" folder on my computer,
what is the path?