My intervals seem unbalanced

Isn’t the good interval supposed to be in the middle between the hard and easy intervals? Lately it seems like mine are unbalanced. Like I’ll get 5 hard, 12 good, 14 easy. Also it seems like the good intervals are too high. Like those intervals I just stated, I could get on a card that the browser says has a 3 day interval on it. What the heck?

I tried resetting my deck settings to default and disabling all addons but the problem still persists. This just started happening a couple days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, and I’ve been stumped as to why. Any ideas? Would you like me to screen shot something and show you?

I look forward to having this figured out. I know I will eventually but if I can get anybody to aid me in the process I’m all for it.

Editing this to say that I just saw a intervals like this: 1 hard 16 good 16 easy. Strange.

It depends on a number of factors, such as your deck options and whether the cards are overdue.