Multiple Choice Quiz in Anki

Hey everyone,

There are some awesome add-ons created by Bgro, but unfortunately, it seems like the creator isn’t interested in updating its creations. I’ve tried to reach out to him, but his email address is no longer valid.

Does anyone have the know-how to create something similar? The ones currently available just don’t measure up (especially for kids, for whom I’m preparing sets).

  • Multiple Choice Quiz in Anki
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Multiple Choice for Anki


Thx, I know this one but it’s not intuitive for users - colour setting is confusing for my students.

Colors can be changed in
Addons → “Select the multiple choice addon” → Config

thx I have seen this post already. Maybe it is obvious for some, how to adjust it - but not for me. That’s why I look for other solutions. :slight_smile:


what i think is someone will simply say MCQ is no use and yell you away.