"Mix" content within the card

Hey there, I used the Closet-Addon a lot and was wondering if one of its functions becomes default in Anki.
Here is an example:

What are the following breathing patterns called?

[[c2::(see image below.jpg)]]]]

[[c2::(see image below.jpg)]]]]

[[mix1::[[c1::Biot breathing]]:
[[c2::(see image below.jpg)]]]]

[[mix1::[[c1::Gasp / Agonic breathing]]:
[[c2::](see image below.jpg)]]]]

[[mix1::[[c1::Sigh breathing]]:
[[c2::(see image below.jpg)]]]]

it turns out to the following (in German):

So the idea is: When a phrase, picture etc. is framed with [[mix1::TEST]] and something else is framed as well, they both get mixed up randomly on every review. That way the user can’t just learn the card but has to learn the content, otherwise the card will always be failed.
Of course it is nice, if you change mix1 to mix2 or 3, only the content with the same number will be mixed up. So you could create something like:


  • [[mix1::Subtopic1]]
  • [[mix1::Subtopic1]]


  • [[mix2::Subtopic2]]
  • [[mix2::Subtopic2]]

→ The Subtopics then get only mixed within their Headtopics



If you answer some permutations of the card better than the others, the algorithm may get confused by your ratings. I am not sure it’s a bad idea though.

I only have notes with two items and two permutations.
There are six permutations of a three-item set.

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