Minor visual glitch in MathJax on iOS

I’m using Anki 2.0.72 on my iPhone and I’ve noticed that the rendering of the “sin” operator in MathJax is a little wonky:

Specifically, the baseline of the “i” seems to be higher than the baseline of the “s” and the “n”. The rendering is fine in Mac version 2.1.40:

The field value that contains the “sin” is

\sin x + C

and the relevant part of the card template is

<p>\( {{Antiderivative}} \)</p>

Any idea why this might be happening?

(I know that I haven’t provided a minimal reproducible example—honestly, the issue doesn’t seem significant enough to bother. I could draw one up if requested though.)

AnkiMobile and the computer version use the same MathJax version, so this is probably a bug either in MathJax, or iOS’s webview component. Quite strange that it only affects the i!