Mind map with pictures in Anki


The problem at hand

Below you’ll find a chart / mind map / picture generated with the relatively new Canvas feature in Obsidian. Please don’t pay attention to its absurdity, it’s just meant for demonstration purposes. I would like to 1) emulate that in Anki and 2) apply cloze-deletion to the title of every little card.

Attempts and ideas

One easy method would be to import the .png output of the .canvas file in Obsidian and use Image Occlusion Enhanced on it. But if I were to displace elements, add or delete new ones, updating the Anki notes would be a pain, although I am aware that the original picture can be replaced in the edit window of IOE and that the labels can be moved around.

I have tried using the Anki X Markdown X MindMap add-on to achieve something similar, but it doesn’t support images. Any ideas about how I should proceed?


I have been studying thousand of language vocabulary cards that contain audio and pictures, they work very well across different languages. But I surmise that memorization would be even more efficient if, while studying individual image-translation-word trios, a diagram presented here allowed me keep to keep in mind the whole arborescence of my growing lexicon.

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