Message displayed after changing Desired Retention

It is regarding this message inside this little blue box

As it currently stands, I think a message like “100 days will turn into 164 days interval” barely captures how a change in Desired Retention affects our studies. It is not only hard to imagine these time intervals as days—rather than months and weeks, that we usually see in Anki—but it also doesn’t give an actual feel of the impact.

I suggest change in a 7 day interval or any other small values or using months. In my case, then, I would be getting around 5½ months which is far easier to imagine for me; though what would be ideal to know is, how the workload is changing while changing Desired Retention.

That can be accomplished if, I think this message inside the blue-green box were to inform the user about change in average reviews per day; in stead of how a 100 day interval of a card would change.

Would like to hear everyone’s opinion on this.

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The thinking behind 100 days is that it makes it easier to see the ratio - 100→164 is easier to see it’s 1.64x longer. 3 months 10 days → 5 months and 14 days is more long winded, and harder to see the approximate ratio.

A short number like 7 days makes it harder to see small changes when making small adjustments to the retention, and is harder to see the ratio compared to a round number.


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