Merge conflicts when syncing - where to read source code?

Hi all! Anki is incredible – I am using it to learn Mandarin to meet my fiancées grandparents in China in a few weeks.

However, the word frequency lists and features on decks I use such as Anki-xiehanzi by krmanik are updated regularly.

When I synchronize, merge conflicts are created when I download a new version of the deck.

Where can I find & read the code responsible for synchronizing decks and understand the database (sqlite I hope?) that stores the edit history and version history of each card + deck?

Thank you again!!!

How are you importing the material? The standard apkg/csv importers should not cause conflicts. Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual.

When an operation like a field addition is made, it modifies the scm field, which forces a one way sync.

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