Memrise card template [support thread]

Many thanks for your CourseDump2022 Google Chrome extension for exporting courses from Memrise and for this card template - brilliant! I was wondering whether you are planning to implement any of these Memrise functions…

  1. Hint button
  2. Limited alphabet from which to choose letters
  3. Set of words from which to choose to construct phrases (I have some courses that contain a large number of phrases)
  4. Option to choose correct answer from four or six possible (similar) answers
  5. Option to choose answer from three possible audio options
    Greatly appreciate all the effort you have put in so far and understand that there would be a lot of effort implementing these functions but curious to know whether they are in your future plans. Thanks.
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Thank you for the template and all the work going into the Course Dump addon. Really, thank you so much. You’ve heard the stories all boiling down to Memrise not useable as it once was. For me it’s been years of use. I’m in my 70’s and can usually figure out how to make these things work. The addon, no sweat, all of the courses I want are downloaded. But the template isn’t working out right for me, I misunderstand it’s use, or, I’m doing something wrong. As I understand it, it could/should function as Memrise does by offering a “hint” and an automatic correct answer (green or something). I’m guessing I’m not correctly setting up or mapping the note type which came with the template. Maybe it also depends on the decks? But other than the familiar Memrise background, for me, it only functions like Anki usually does. One other thing, I am doing 3 Hebrew courses and the 7 Mexican Spanish course by Memrise. The Hebrew are three different community made courses. So, I was hoping that as in Memrise, I can have the foreign characters below the box for clicking to type, Spanish and Hebrew as in Memrise when typing character is required. I’ll be happy to answer any questions, provide screenshots etc. if someone can help me out. Thanks.

Thank you.

The on-screen keyboard and the multiple-choice cards are on the way (which makes for your points 2 and 4). 1 and 5 should not be too hard to implement after that, so I’ll keep those in mind for the future.

I wasn’t planning on adding the construction of phrases out of words, as the usefulness of this feature always seemed very limited to me personally. But if people keep requesting it, I’ll reconsider.

I’m sorry, but from the text description alone it is not clear what exactly in the template is not working for you, or what you expect to function differently. Screenshots would be very helpful here.

Yes, the on-screen keyboard is in the works. I’ve added it to the demo page and (hopefully) will port this code to the template before too long.

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Thanks for trying. Let me get back to this when I can figure out what I can try first by reading this all again and being more familiar with Anki and mapping.

Hello, thank you so much for the template and for the CourseDump too.

I have the same problem as “khong” - basically, on ankidroid, if I leave the box empty and just press “show answer”, I get an empty green box (as “khong” posted). It’s not critical, as I can just type in a random letter before pressing “show answer” and then it works, but it would be even better if I could just select “show answer”. I’m not on dark mode, so it’s not that.

Thanks again for all the great work you’ve done.

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I’ll look forward to the extra functionality that you are planning. Many thanks once again!