Mathjax macros in editor


I have defined a bunch of mathjax macros in the front and back card templates.
However these macros only work in the card view/preview, not in the mathjax live preview when editing the card.

The live preview :

The card window:

Is there a way to specify mathjax macros for the live previewer, maybe via an option
or in a less legal fashion, maybe by editing the application’s typescript ?

This question has already been asked here a few times, though it has received no concrete answer, can we notice the devs, that this a feature user might want ?

(I run the Anki desktop application on artix linux)

Thank you very much !

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I’m afraid Anki doesn’t currently provide a feature to define these in the editor.

Yeah that’s sad, if I were good in typescript and frontend developpement I would have maybe tried to implement it …

For the record I found this this addon : 1960039667 ( Editor Live Preview)
It works very well with latex and mathjax, even with the method I’m using to define macros.

Thanks !

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