MacOS Anki Bug 2.1.35 version

I’m using 2.1.35 version

If my browser is opened, when I try to edit a card during review, we have a synchronizing problem.
The modifications do not synchronize with browser.

Reviewing with opened browser

The card is here:

Edition test:

Reviewing after edition:

But, take a look at my browser:

It was not updated!

If I quit the review and start de review again, I’ll lost all my editions!

It was already happening in a previous version (.32). I updated to (.35) in hope it’d be solved, but bug remains

Sometimes it works OK. But, the most of time it doesn’t work.

I’ve already noticed that, if my browser is closed, it works OK.

Please, take a look with this! I lost many informations because of that =(

Can you reproduce it without add-ons?

Yes. I’ve just tested it opening Anki pressing “shift” at the same time.
The problema remains, a little different, but remains.

The card without addons:



Browser problem after edition:

If I click in “teste” the edition is undone!

Could I trouble you to make a <1 minute video that shows the steps you’re taking exactly, so I can reproduce it easily? You can make it with the Quicktime Player app, then upload it to


This is the video:

Thanks Antonino, I’ll look into this when I have a chance.

Thank you!