Lost my local deck when performed first log-in

I created local deck inside MacOs app. I add several shared decks. Then I created account on WebAnki. Then I signed in to my account from the app. I get a choice of what should I do with database. I accidentally selected wrong option and my created deck and other imported decks gone away. Is there any chance for me to restore my created deck?

What I tried:

  1. Back-up. All backups are empty.
  2. Go to the trash bin. Here I have file with extension “.anki2”. I replace current “.anki2” file with file from trash bin, but nothing changes. There are still no decks.

I would be very grateful to you if you have any ideas what I can do.

A backup should have been created when you first synced. If for some reason you have no backups and the file in your trash did not help, I’m afraid your data probably can not be recovered.

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