Lost decks on anki web

Hi. I had decks that are now lost on anki web. I no longer have access to the computer that i would have backup on. Would it be possible to restore my anki web decks please. Thanks

Have you used your account in the last 6 months?

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No I haven’t - does that mean my decks cannot be retrieved?

I also had them backed up on the anki app but i just downloaded the app on a new device and the app is empty :frowning:

Unfortunately, as stated in the FAQ, f you don’t have a local copy in a computer, phone, etc, it’s not going to be possible to recover your data.

Ok no worries - if i want to download an anki deck that someone has posted a link for, how do i download straight to anki web without the desktop version? I tried searching for the deck on anki web but it doesn’t come up so trying to do it via the link

That’s not possible - you need to use one of the downloadable Anki clients to imports decks.

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