Lost content and no access to account

my anki froze whilst i was using it. it was frozen for a long time and wouldn’t let me exit off the screen. i had to force close my computer to get off anki. after ive done this i can no longer access anki and it keeps showing a message saying i didnt downgrade my account before closing but now wont allow me to do that and i cant access my account at all. this is all on the desktop version. i dont know how to restore any of my content or even get back into my account. i have over 12,000 cards on there for medical school.
it says i can backup to an older version - is this referring to the last time i synced my desktop and web account.
please can you help me with this.

Have you tried to reinstall Anki?

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Sounds like you’re opening an old version - opening the latest version again (after reinstalling if necessary, as cqg suggested) should make that error go away.