Like Anki, have AnkiDroid jump to the word in the browser when opening the browser from the review page

In Anki:
Click on the browse button during the review. It jumps to and highlights the word being reviewed, along with the words above and below it.

In AnkiDroid:
Click on the browse button during the review. It just opens the browser to the top of the list. AnkiDroid should behave like Anki.

Every single suggestion made on this forum gets slapped down, so I am curious how this one will too.

Allowing people to map this to a gesture would be nice IMO.

And it is good that it is rejected. otherwise, anki quickly acquired unnecessary functionality, which would make it difficult for it to use and difficult to maintain in working order.

It should be understood that not everything that is in anki will be implemented in ankidroid. At least in the near future. But the offer is good.

AnkiDroid is intended to be used in conjunction with Anki on your computer. While it is possible to function without it, some tasks are either only possible with, or a lot more efficient with Anki Desktop.

How does this make anything difficult to use?

He isn’t saying it is. Your suggestions will be considered but the filtering process basically means a lot of the things will be rejected as they don’t add something of much value for most people. IMO what you said should be added as a functionality to be used with gestures but it’s the AnkiDroid devs who will decide that.