Letters getting smaller than before


Months ago I have created Cloze Cards and at that time the cards were looking fine. But now the letters are getting smaller than before and I couldn’t find out the reason, can somebody help?

Before you look at what might have changed in your collection – is it possible you just zoomed out? Check the View menu – or Ctrl 0 should reset the zoom.

no, i have looked it up, some people recommended to press ctrl and the mouse wheel but it does not change the size of the letters itself. and i did not change any settings concerning the zoom.

Recently I fixed the zoom add-on, it can store the zoom value even after restart.

If it does not work, it could be other add-ons or card templates interfering. (For example, IR-addon has its own Zoom mechanism, so if used together, the zoom add-on will not work.)

is it possible to change the zoom settings only for 1 deck?

Bit difficult, IR-Add-on only works on dedicated note types, Zoom Add-on changes the zoom of all reviews together.
Is that the only deck that has a zoom problem and the others are fine?

no, there are several cards, but only those cards, which I have created 6 months ago. the new ones are completely fine. i tried to delete the whole deck, and then imported it again to anki. for some cards it works but most of them still have the same problem as before …

Perhaps there is something wrong with the card template or some add-on is interfering.

  • Add-on : Try toggle off all add-ons and see if the problem recurs.

  • CardType : Perhaps the font size is set too small, or the zoom is set. Changing the note type may solve the problem.

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Unfortunately it does not work by turning off all add-ons. I have changed the cardtype to another cloze-card type, then the letters become normal again, but the colour of text changed :smiley: is there any way to change it?

Changing the color of text is relatively easy.
For example,

Editor → Cards → Styling

.cloze {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: blue;

If you change blue to red in this, the color of the Cloze will change to red.

.cloze {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: red;

If it is a simple change, I think you can create it with ChatGPT.

thank you very much! I will try it out :slight_smile:

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