Leech Wizard no, 15 characters is unnecessary for my title

Leeches - SuperMemo Help

With Anki, a leech is postponed forever until the user chooses otherwise.

Why not automate the process like SuperMemo? After something is forgotten 8 times, hold off the next review for a year or so.

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I think it can be set up with the Leech Toolkit option I recently fixed.
But I haven’t fully tested that it works yet, this add-on mechanism is complicated.

No, there are plenty of users who have leeches set to “Tag Only” so that they can deal with the problem head-on, rather than kick the can down the road for a year or so, or forever.

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That’s not automatic. And defeats the purpose of a leech.

Leeches - Anki Manual (ankiweb.net)

“So, in these situations, you might want to leave one of the words suspended until you have learnt the other one well, and then unsuspend it.”

This should be done automatically like in SuperMemo.

I didn’t clock that this was in Suggestions, and I shouldn’t try to respond to it helpfully. You have my apology.

“there are plenty of users who have leeches set to “Tag Only””

This is not automatic and often unnecessary.

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In my personal opinion, there is very little demand for features to assist Leech.
Even the original Leech toolkit Add-on has only 10 ratings.(I do like it though :-/

There’s very little demand because very little people know how to use Anki properly. They just give themselves hints to help get the correct answer. Hints that you would never get in the real world. Waiting is best

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