Layout of answer buttons

Like most people, I assume, when using my phone, I’m only doing so with one hand. Both trying to reach the furthest button (Easy, if using my left hand, Again, if using my right) or trying to tap the closest button (Again, or Easy) is a little difficult and, I think, leading to a little carpal tunnel pain.

Would it be possible to have the four answer buttons in a square in the bottom middle third of the screen instead of a rectangle which spans the entire width of the screen? Basically just put them directly over where the Hard and Good buttons currently sit.

So instead of:
It would be:

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Use gestures. For example, I have a gesture to the right = good, a gesture to the left =again.
I did not set gestures for the hard and easy buttons so as not to abuse these buttons.


Thanks! I’ll give that a try.