Latex shortcuts not working on 2.1.46?

I checked a similarly titled thread from July 2020, and I am aware that the most usual shortcuts for Latex are Ctrl+T, T; Ctrl+T, M and Ctrl+T, E. No matter what I do, they don’t seem to work, although I can enter the thing from the drop-down menu. I know it’s a minor issue, just checking if I’m doing something wrong or the devs are aware of this. Thank you!

Cannot reproduce. What kind of keyboard, keyboard layout are you using?

Spanish layout on a HP Pavilion laptop, debian buster. So they work on your end?

EDIT: sorry if I wasted your time (long time away from anki). It seems to be an addon conflict. The strange thing is, it’s actually about two addons. If I enable either of the two below, latex shortcuts won’t work:

Extended Tag AddEdit Dialog
Fastbar - with nightmode support

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I didn’t find this post so I made this thread with a minimal add-on of 6 lines that leads to this problem: Emacs-style shortcuts with "Ctrl+T, ..." in the editor in 45+

I think this add-on broke with the editor changes from the beginning of May though I can’t figure out the problem at the moment.

The author of the addons gave this solution in one of the addons page:

"If you change the default shortcuts so that they no longer start with “Ctrl+T” the built-in latex shortcuts should work again.

for background info see Emacs-style shortcuts with "Ctrl+T, ..." in the editor in 45+ - #5 by ijgnd "