Last update: anki stops to open automatically were the gap is

I’m using cards that hide everything that is between “[[” and “]]” and everything that is after “>>>”.
Before the last update (and in the desktop version) Anki opens automatically this part were the gap / question is that I should answer.
But since the last update (2.0.90 (20090.2)) it does not open automatically. so I have to manually open all the hiding places and search for the gap / question.
Is there something I can do that Anki open the gap automatically again.
Or, at least, is there a possibility to get the older version of the app again?

Thanks for your help!

Your cards appear to be using JavaScript. Please contact the deck author for assistance: Shared decks with broken Javascript - Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your answer!

I looked at adit a card, cards… and in the back and the front template is at the end , but the word script does not appear a second time, so there is no at both templates. I cancel the “” (after saving the cards), so now there is no “skript” at the template.

But I have still the same problem.

So what can do?

Did you resolve your issue? Your cards appear to be behaving differently now. If you’re still having trouble, please contact the template author Thomas Kahn.

Yes thanks! I found an update from Thomas Kahn.

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