Is there any way to open/reveal a file on my computer (mac) from a card by clicking on a link (path to the file)?

Anki can process links to web pages and open them in a default browser. But can it reveal/open a file on my computer in a default app for me?

If you prepend the absolute path (ie. starting with /) of that file with file:// and put that in a link, it should open that file when you click on a link, where open is very system dependent: maybe on your mac it will open it with a default application you have previously set.

Thanks for your reply.

<p><a href="file:///Users/eugen/Study">Study</a></p>
<p><a href="file:///Users/eugen/package-lock.json">package-lock</a></p>
<p><a href="file:///Users/eugen/stopwatch.mp4">stopwatch</a></p>

Unfortunately, these links don’t work at all. Nothing happens when I click them. But they do work in Chrome. Chrome lets me navigate through the filesystem.

After searching a bit I found this question / answer which explains why it’s impossible to do what you are asking for. TL;DR it’s a security issue.


@BlackBeans Thanks.