Is there any problem with Anki Android and PC Apps?

Hello , I wanted to report a problem for Anki PC and Android apps. I signed Anki system for along time ago. But recently, I tried to connect my Anki Account but I couldn’t because my account doesnt exist for anki web. But also I can upload my cardboards to anki database with using my old account. Ther for I signed up again with same e-mail to Anki system. I can use now forum side of Anki but I cant connect neither pc app nor android app with this account. Can you help me about this problem.
Thank you in advance for your attention. Best regards.

Checking first – are you definitely using AnkiDroid and Anki (aka Anki “Desktop”)? Find links to both at . Those are the only ones that work with AnkiWeb (

If you didn’t use AnkiWeb for a long time – yes, your account was probably deleted (AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions). But if you can’t get into it on the site, then you also can’t be syncing to it with any of the apps.

This “Forum” account you created today and posted here with is separate from the account you use to study and sync.

Just to clarify: it’s been so many years now since accounts were actually deleted that I’ll update the docs to remove reference to that. The original poster does appear to have account, with the same email address as the one they’re using for the forum. If they’re unsure of the password, they can reset it from the login page of

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