Is there a way to search for GUID?

Is there a way to search by GUID in the browser? I read the manual and I see that you can search by Note ID but not GUID, apparently. I want a way to reference Anki notes that I create for a note in a different note-taking application. So that if my notes on a topic change, I can see all the Anki notes I created for this topic and change them to be accurate.

Also would there be any way to add “include Note ID” when exporting? There is already a “Include GUID” but that doesn’t really help me in this case.

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I don’t think there is. I’m not sure I understand why the Note ID isn’t unique enough to use in your notes. As you saw, you can use that to track easily back to each note.

Using the Note ID does work for me, but it’s extremely tedious to copy and paste each note ID from the Anki Browser. Is there a way to copy an entire column from the Anki browser? (I have the Advanced Browser add-on). Currently, the way I get around not being able to copy an entire column in the Anki browser is to export to .txt with ‘Include GUID’ set. I open the .txt file that I get from Anki in Excel and can copy the column from there. It would be really nice if it’s possible to export the Note ID as well, so I could do the same thing. Basically my issue is that I can export the GUID of Anki notes but not search using them, and I can’t export the Note IDs of notes.

You didn’t mention needing an entire column of IDs. As far as I know, GUIDs are only used for matching during the import/export process.

Is there a way I could ask for this to possibly be added as a new feature? : exporting Note ID’s as well as GUID’s.

I’ve moved this to the suggestions area.

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