Is there a possibility of regional pricing for the app?

Hello, I am a medical student in Turkey. I’ve been using anki everyday on my pc and android phone. I was wondering whether there could be a regional pricing for the ipad app because it has become incredibly expensive here. 550 turkish liras to be exact. This much money is huge for students. It could equate to one whole week of groceries and food. I really want to be able to utilise my apple pencil and touchscreen for anki.

Thanks and have a good day.

“It’s too expensive in my country.”

I am (@dae) not against the idea of providing different prices based on a country’s average income, but Apple does not make it possible to set different prices for different countries. Apple sets the price in each country based on the local taxes and costs of doing business there.

Please also bear in mind that the price in the US is the price before state sales taxes are applied, so the difference may not be as as much as you think.
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