Is it safe to reset ease?

Through the AnKing Video about the FSRS Algorithm I’ve come to understand ease and what ease hell actually means.

Correct me if I’m wrong: ease decreased by hitting again or hard and only increases by hitting easy. It also has significant influence on interval calculation of good.

I’m rarely hitting easy, mostly for new cards when I’ve just studied the material before and I might hit hard a bit too often (but I still use good most of the time).
Also I sometimes have gaps in studying decks. One deck I started again after not having studied it for over a year so I’ve failed most cards.

Now it seams to me that in my scenario ease can only decrease and it often does so not because of the cards difficulty, but of my failure to study the card when it’s due and instead waiting way to long.

So my question: is it safe to just reset the ease to 250%? When the card is actually difficult it will eventually decrease again because I fail it but it saves me from studying it to often because of gaps in studying the deck. Or do I miss something important?

Please note that I can not change the past, so advice what I should have done differently does not change my current situation :wink:

You may forget some more difficult cards that get scheduled less frequently after the ease is changed. If your collection’s ease distribution is strongly biased to low ease values due to frequent use of Again and Hard, then resetting the ease is probably worth it.

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