Is it possible to remove the "hide" arrows?

Is it possible to remove the “hide” arrows next to “Front”, “Back”, and “Tags” in Browse and Add? I mean the little “v” symbols like the one next to “Front” here:

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 5.42.37 PM

I am always constantly clicking on these by accident, but I never want to hide Front, Back, or Tags, so this is rather inconvenient.

Of course, I’m not suggesting these be removed entirely. I totally understand why some people would find them very useful. I just personally don’t need them, and they slow down my work, so it would be nice if there were an add-on or option that I could use to remove them.

No option to hide that, and I’m not aware of any add-on that offers this.

There’s a way to do that using CSS Injector:

  1. Open the user_files/ editor.css file after installing the add-on.
  2. Paste the following code:
.collapse-badge {
	display: none !important;

Thank you!

How do I find the folder user_files? I have searched and nothing has turned up.

Edit: I have already downloaded the CSS Injector add-on.

Go to Tools > Add-ons. Select CSS Injector and click Show Files.

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Thank you! That worked.

Now clicking Front, Back, or Tags still hides the fields, so I’m sure I’ll still accidentally hide things, even without the “collapse badge”. But now that I know how to use CSS Injector I’ll see if I can change that.

You know you can TAB your way from field to field.
And SHIFT+TAB to jump backwards.
In case you get tired of (mis)clicking.

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Thank you, BookBorsh, that is very true. I do that when I’m staying within Browse or within Add.

The problem for me is that I am constantly hopping between Browse and Add. I have color-coded superscript tags indicating grammatical functions (cases, tenses, etc.) in cards I’ve already made, and it is easier to copy and paste them out of Browse and into Add than it is to make them from scratch every time I make a new card. So my work setup looks like this:

The workflow is:

  1. Click into Front in Browse.
  2. Copy text.
  3. Click into Front in Add.
  4. Paste text.
  5. Tab into Back in Add.
  6. Type in text read from book or website.
  7. Click “Add” button.
  8. Repeat.

It’s specifically at steps 1 and 3 that I accidentally hide fields, which is extremely disruptive. I never accidentally do this at steps 2 or 4-7, because then I’m just using the keyboard.

Every grammatical tag I use has a different color, so I need to copy and paste out of Browse, otherwise it would take forever to input the paradigm of just one word.

I do this for about 1 to 3 hours every day, and probably accidentally hide one of the fields 4-5 times an hour. But that used to be 0 times per hour when fields couldn’t be hidden, up until last year when I had to get a new computer and update Anki.

Interesting workflow, thanks for sharing.
I have to admit that it has happened to me as well, occasionally, when juggling multiple dialogs on different screen areas. Yet, I do like the folding feature. It keeps my notes compact and easier to manage.

CSS Injector seems a good bet. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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