iPhone: Remaining Count obscured by keyboard

Long time AnkiDroid user, first time AnkiMobile iPhone user…

In AnkiDroid, my remaining count is shown at the top of the card, which is perfect. On the iPhone, it’s at the bottom, where it is covered up by the keyboard. Is there any way to move it to the top so I can actually see it without having to put the keyboard away?

Can you please provide a screenshot where this occurs? During review the keyboard should not be visible.

It is probably a “type in the answer” card as they said they can put the keyboard away.

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I’m afraid there isn’t currently a way to move the count elsewhere. If you don’t wish to type on your phone however, you can enable the ‘never type answer’ option to prevent typing while on your phone.

Thanks, that’s unfortunate because I am having my daughter use Anki to learn her times tables and I specifically want her to have to type in the answer so she can’t just breeze through cards without really thinking about them…

The Android app does not have that problem. If you have any Android device you can let your daughter use that. If you don’t, Chinese brands are really cheap and you can get good value-for-money. I recommend Xiaomi if you want to go budget.

The original poster already pointed that out. And “get an Android phone” is not really a useful suggestion :slight_smile:

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Oh sorry I forgot. It’s from yesterday so I didn’t re-read it.