iPad Draw Copy Problems

If you copy the picture drawn from the iPad to the PC, the color changes as shown in the picture.

Is it possible to solve this problem?

[a picture drawn on an iPad]
아이패드 글 1

[Photographs copied to Pc]

Have you enabled night mode in the preferences of the computer version? If so, it should automatically change black to white in drawn images.

I like it because it doesn’t change color when I copy it from my iPad.

Can I copy from my computer without changing color with night mode on?

It’s so uncomfortable T^T.

I’m having a little trouble understanding you. If I draw an image in AnkiMobile, then sync and review that image in the computer version with night mode on, the lines are white. Are the lines not white for you in night mode? Or are you performing some other action?

Yes, if you copy pictures created in Night Mode to a computer with Night Mode turned on, they will be copied in black instead of white.

[A picture drawn on an iPad with night mode on.]
아이패드 글 1

[Pictures copied to a computer with Night Mode turned on]
-> White line changes to black line

When you say “copy”, do you mean you are syncing the images to your computer? I scribbled some text on a card, synced to the computer, and it appears as white for me:

Are you using any add-ons? Have you customized the card styling in your template?

Add-on or template is not in use and does not occur in synchronization.

Occurs when an image drawn from an iPad is copied from the computer to another card.

How are you copying it? If I copy+paste or drag&drop from one field to another, it retains the colour for me.


I repeat those exact steps, but the colour is white when I paste. I can see you have add-ons installed - are you sure the problem exists when add-ons are disabled? Can you reproduce the problem using the latest Anki 2.1.36 version?

Version 2.1.36 has night mode errors T^T

I removed all the add-ons and tested them.
It doesn’t work properly, so the desired result won’t come out.


I’m not able to reproduce this - the editing screen appears dark on my Windows machine. Do you get the same behaviour after updating to 2.1.37?

Version 2.1.37 has night mode error and cannot be tested

To other users of 2.1.36+ on Windows - do you have the same issues with night mode? I can’t seem to reproduce the editor appearing in the wrong color in night mode when I test on a machine here.

@zealcolor I’ll wait to hear back from some other people to start with - I think we need to figure out why our machines are behaving differently.