Install Anki for all users


We’re a school and trying to install Anki on classroom PCs for students to use. However, this doesn’t work and Anki installs itself in the Local area of the users profile who ran the installer. Is there a way of installing this on the machine itself but with any userdata written back to the logged-in users profile?

Many thanks.

You can run the installer as an admin, and customize the install location. User data will be stored in the current user’s profile.


Thanks for the reply. That’s not really practical for us (at least 75 PCs would need the software) but I appreciate the info.

We have a similar problem.

I cannot find command line switch that will let me change the install past (I have just posted a question about this)

I have seen that you can run Anki on a pen drive so if I do not receive a response to my post I my try to just move the install folder.

I am using the environment variable “ANKI_BASE” to save the users files to their one drive %USERPROFILE%

Would be nice to have MSI installers of Anki so that they can be mass-deployed, as mentioned above. Maybe Wix could be used for generating this installer? Because I don’t think NSIS has support for creating MSI setups at all. Maybe a full switch to Wix would make sense.

Another problem I have with NSIS is that creating a setup with LZMA compression takes a lot of time. But I’m not sure if Wix would be better at this.

You can zip up the Anki program folder and unzip it in a location you wish.

You may be able to accomplish this by updating the install location registry entry prior to running the installer. If not, you’ll need to send through a PR. The relevant code is in qt/bundle/win.