Insert indent just for first line, not whole a paragraph


I need to insert an indent for the first line of each paragraph, but no default option for it. Mini Format Pack add-on has indent options for whole a paragraph, not just for the first line of a paragraph.


You seem to like advanced styling … Then it gets more complicated …


In Anki in the fields you write html. Each html element (tag) can be styled directly (as discussed in your other thread) or by general rules that apply to all elements of a certain type. For the latter you use css.

For a general introduction see


The problem is that depending on what you have in your fields you need different rules. So there might not be an answer that works in all cases (and instead you need some knowledge).


maybe useful: Custom Styles (font color, background colour, classes)


then google for something like “css indent first line” and use this in the classes add-on.


I agree with @ijgnd. You seem to be really motivated to make the most of your Anki cards. As someone in a related position, I can wholeheartedly recommend using that motivation to teach yourself the associated tools while applying them to your very own real life problems.
I have learned so much thanks to Anki and the content of my flashcards is only a portion of it.

If you don’t like learning from videos like me, I recommend for web development stuff like HTML and CSS. They don’t only have interactive turorials but also highly comprehensive references to look up tags, properties and so on.
For your convenience, find the page relevant to your problem below. :wink:


Thank you Rumo, I try to learn to code and hope Anki be a thing to make me familiar with it better and not scared of it! I’m not good at it and honestly, I should say don’t like it too much, maybe Anki changes my mind!
I like video tuts and other sources like which’s a great place for code lovers.

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