Inline media [Support thread]

Addon to insert audio/video inline (using HTML audio/video tags) - Inline media - AnkiWeb

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Can you put a link to the add-on here?

Was just doing that :slight_smile: there’s a catch 22 with that you have to create a support thread to insert into the share addon dialog.

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Ah, I actually searched the add-ons list for “Inline media” and didn’t find it, that’s because you were uploading it, and I commented here after just 2 minutes from you posting the thread :sweat_smile:

And of course my markdown-to-ankiweb script went bonkers and messed up the addon documentation without me noticing it. Fixed now.

Hello, thanks a lot for this addon!

Would it be possible to add a bash option for files already added in cards?
→ I would like, in my case, to apply the “don’t-auto-play” option to all the audio files I added in a specific field of my deck.

Thanks for your help.


Do you mean a deck where you have inserted [sound:]-tags? Or do you mean a deck where you have used Inline media to insert audio/video tags? I am asking since the addon was just published, unless you installed it from my GitHub where it’s been around for some time.

If you mean that you have a deck with core Anki [sound:] tags then Inline media has nothing to do with them.

You could of course make a script that parses a deck and convert [sound:]-tags to <audio>/<video>-tags but that is at the moment outside the intended scope for Inline media.

Hey, thanks for your answer.

Indeed, I am speaking about [sound:*]-tags have already been inserted.

I was asking you if this option was possible (in a dream future) to set, because I haven’t found out for now a way to set a sound not set as autoplaying whereas other yes, so far :frowning:

And when I wrote and tested your (brilliant, for its other functionalities) addon, I imagined the not-autoplay-option available when you add an inline sound could also work.

Thanks whatever and good luck for your work!

Thanks! The [sound:]-tags have a completely different approach than Inline media. [sound:]-tags are played by the reviewer launching an external media player, there is no way to set any options for the tags unless you modify both the editor and reviewer source (extra problematic as then you have to modify AnkiDroid etc.). I don’t know the reasons for using an external media player, it may be a legacy thing; Anki has been around for a long time and <audio>/<video>-tags were introduced in HTML in 2007 or something like that but I am guessing it took another few years before Qt started supporting them.

I am guessing it would take a few hours to write and error check a “converter from [sound:] to Inline media”, I may do that if there are a lot of people using the addon. However before that I would like to sort out any bugs in the addon that may be lurking (I have been using it myself for some time now but would like some return from other users).

Hello, thank you for your work, exactly the addon I need.
But I installed and restarted anki and found nothing on the column, how to activate this addon?

Right click on note area also shows nothing.

Hmm… You should have Insert clipboard as audio and Insert clipboard as video options in the context menu. Are you certain you have a video or audio URL or file in the clipboard when you right click? The options are only available if you have a media URL or actual audio/video in a supported format in the clipboard, if you copy the following: and then right click, do you still not have the Insert clipboard as ... options?

At the moment there are no toolbar buttons, only available as keyboard shortcut and from the context menu (only when media or media URL in supported format is in the clipboard).