Indicate location of media folder and backups in Preferences

Currently the only way (at least on linux) to know where the media folder is, is to Check Media, and then “View files”, but this button is next to “Restore deleted” and “Empty trash”. It doesn’t make sense to mix View and Write operations next to each other if it is the only place to find out, given that the way to add media files is to add it directly to that folder.

Similarly there is no way to find out where the backup directory is (which is necessary to know if one wants to make external backups) without viewing the Media directory through Check media, etc.

Suggestion is to list the locations of both of these in Preferences (especially since there is already a Backup tab where a backup link could be placed), with a button to go to that folder.

Version ⁨24.04.1 (ccd9ca1a)⁩
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1

For the most part, users won’t ever need to directly access their data folder. And for beginner users, fussing with that folder is more likely to cause them problems, than to be productive. For advanced users, the default file locations are explained in the manual – Managing Files - Anki Manual .

No, “the way to add media files” is to attach them to notes through the editing interface. Adding media directly to the collection folder is generally discouraged, and I think would fairly be considered an “advanced” user activity. Media - Anki Manual

That’s another folder that users generally shouldn’t need to access. If they are restoring an automatic backup from within Anki, they will be shown all of the possible options via that interface.

In fact, if you’re making your own external backups – I don’t think you should be putting them in that directory at all. One (at least one) of the main purposes for having your own backup is defeated if you put it in the same folder as the automatic backups (which are automatically culled and deleted). You should be using a separate location for that.

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Not to put them there, to know where to copy them from. If the hard drive fails, having them in that folder is not going to be useful.

I find it curious that one would be required to go to the manual to find the location, instead of having it mentioned in the program somewhere.

The media folder location also needs to be known to back it up since the program does not do it.

The most user-friendly option is to sync with AnkiWeb - no knowledge of folder locations or manual backups is necessary. Manually copying files is something for advanced users.

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