Increase indentation (without using bulleted/numbered list)

every time I want to increase indentation I am limited to 2 ways:

  1. adding another indent (inside) current indent by pressing Ctrl+Shift+] multiple times.
    indent 1

  2. referring to the HTML editor and changing the margin manually
    indent 2

The first method is easy but it’s not neat at all (compare HTML in the first and second images).

The second method is neat but it’s tedious, and as my text grows, finding the blockquote that I need to edit manually, will be a time-wasting job!

Is there any hotkey to increase the margin amount in predefined steps? similar to the second method, and similar to those hotkeys used for increasing indentation in lists (I do not want to convert my text to a list, so I can’t use them). Is there any way to define such a hotkey?
Is there any alternative way to seamlessly increase/decrease indentation?

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