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I recently downloaded anki and have tried to import a deck from quizlet, I have tried many times to copy and paste the url, and each time it says ‘this deck is private’, I have also added the addon again incase it would work but the same issue occurs. This deck is not private and is set as ‘visible to everyone’ and I have checked and have tried opening and closing anki etc but the same message appears. This addon does not seem to have a ‘contact author’ section, and I tried contacting quizlet but they said it was not their issue, I cant find an email adress/phone number to contact anki either. The deck was one which was public and I then edited myself and saved.

Currently, I think this is the only Quizlet Importer add-on that works, and you can contact the author through Github.

Basically, add-ons are free to use, but since development is volunteer, if it breaks and the author does not fix it, it will not be available. And Anki’s add-ons are developed by individual, so I don’t think official Anki will support them.

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Ok Thank you very much, I have contacted the author and have now got it to work.

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