Import deck with Update

I do not understand clearly the function “Update” while importing a deck.
In my configuration I have a Note Type “Sp” with two fields, “Frontside” and “Backside”.
This fields are defined in the card “SP” in FrontTemplate and BackTemplate.
Lets say, an entry is “to eat” “comer” in the txt-File.
I import this file to the deck “Sp”, all ok.
Now I import the deck again, but changed the entry to “to eat” “comer/comida”. (with the Update Option". This works.
Now I import the deck again, but changed the entry to “to eat/meal” “comer/comida”. (with the Update Option".
Now anki keeps the old version and creates a new entry (instead updating the existing entry, because comer/comida has not changed).
Is there any possibility to tell anki, which filelds should be considered in an update case ?

Update matches can be done either with the first field, or a unique id. To use the latter, you’ll need to export with the unique identifier option enabled, do your edits, then import again.

I created a unique identifier. Works. Thank you for your help.

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