Image Occlusion - Gradual Reveal

I’m fairly new to Image Occlusion. I’ve been working with Hide All, Guess One, and Hide One, Guess One. However, neither of these ‘gradually reveal’ the answers. Say I have a diagram with 6 annotations, let’s call them Answers 1 to 6. At the outset, all 6 Answers are hidden. However, after guessing Answer 1, I want the answer to this to remain visible while I guess Answer 2. So Answer 1 is visible, but Answers 2 to 6 are occluded. After guessing Answer 2, I want Answers 1 and 2 to remain visible while I guess Answer 3. And so one until, when guessing Answer 6, I want the first five answers to remain visible, with only Answer 6 occluded.
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the behavior you are looking for is not present in Image Occlusion.hat is currently impossible as each occlusion is a note by itself. Additionally, I would discourage seeing the occlusions in sequential order, yet on a single review.

EDIT: I replied to wrong poster. Should have been @taps.
Add-on "Cloze (hide all):

Fix 4: - You can make some clozes visible on other cloze cards by prepending their content with ‘!’

What is so special with your cards that you can violate the SRS rule and face the consequences ?