Image cropping/highlighting feature is needed

Dear Anki Team,

I am an avid user of the Anki software and have found the recent addition of the photo upload feature to be immensely useful for quick information capture. However, I have a suggestion that I believe could significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of this feature.

Often, when capturing images, there is a need to focus on specific details within the photo. As it stands, the inability to crop or highlight content within the uploaded images limits the user’s ability to pinpoint and emphasize crucial information. Therefore, I would like to propose the inclusion of image cropping and highlighting tools in the Anki software.

The ability to crop unnecessary elements from a photo or highlight key information directly within the app would greatly improve the user experience. This feature would not only save time but also provide users with a more customizable and focused approach to visual learning.

I believe that such enhancements align with the Anki philosophy of facilitating effective learning, especially for users who heavily rely on visual aids in their studies.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I appreciate the continuous efforts of the Anki team in refining and improving the platform.

Why not rely on the operating system’s tools for image cropping?

On Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool with Shift + Windows-key + S. Or you can set up the Print Screen button to be the shortcut for the Snipping Tool.

I’m pretty sure that macOS must have something similar, and probably standard phone apps as well.


I second using system or third-party tools for this. On macOS there are plenty of options:

My favorite one is Cleanshot X: It has all the editing and cropping options you can imagine and makes it easy to work with several screenshot at once. It even makes pasting into other apps simpler.


Thanks so much for your replies @sprvlcn @ferophila :slight_smile: , but I use ios version more often than on Mac, and I find it very inconvenient if I want to crop a photo on my phone :frowning:

If you use the latest iOS 17, there’s a new way to crop photos.

But whether it’s the new way or the old way, I don’t think Anki could come up with an easier user interface to do it than the standard Apple way.