If Svelte becomes popular in the future, will PyQt and Python become unavailable in Anki for desktop?

According to the thread “Anki’s Svelte future”, Anki’s UI will be more Svelte in the future and Python will be less important. Anki’s Svelte future

I am curious if ideally for official Anki plans to remove PyQt and Python in the future (Anki for desktop and add-ons), or if there are no such plans or possibilities in the first place. (I read the thread but didn’t understand it.)

It’s unlikely to happen any time soon (likely, years). There are still large swaths of the UI that need to be migrated (the browser, card layout screen, etc), and we don’t have well-established ways of creating add-ons in TS yet. As we make progress with those things, the viability or not of a Qt-free Anki should become more apparent.

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Thank you very much. I will refer to the development.

I bet that’s 100% possible to drop Qt and python. It will only stay if ankitects decides to

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