[idea] word meanings from google

Add-on idea for a volunteer. Unfortunately, I can’t sponsor at present.

I would like to have all word meanings in one line separated by slash, like this (output is in Polish):

zakończyć / wnioskować / wywnioskować / sfinalizować / konkludować / dokończyć / finalizować / zakończyć /

I would like to have it in a field like this (red letters): https://i.imgur.com/hsZvTOX.png

Also Reverso lists meanings in similar way.

As reference, maybe this might be useful:: translate-shell - can do something similar, I mean create such list, so maybe some part of its code maybe useful https://github.com/soimort/translate-shell/issues/368

Basically the author here is right, so if only possible to have slash instead of comma.