(Idea) Auto occlusion addon

Since Anki gonna have a native occlusion feature I think it’ll worth to have an auto occlusion addon.
The thing I have in mind is like this:
1- I have like 500 images like this

2- It’s going to be time consuming to make occlusion out of all of them.
3- The addon detects text in the images and makes occlusions on the texts. For example, in image above it makes 10 occlusions.

Support for this will be available day one with the reimagined version of Image Occlusion Enhanced targeting native IO :slight_smile:

Essentially, going forward IOE will provide additional features for power users on-top of native IO (while of course also keeping the old implementation around to provide backwards-compatibility with existing IOE notes).

The auto-occlusion feature in particular will work in conjunction with Rhodopsin, just like it does for the current IOE test release.


It’s going to be extraordinary.
Can’t wait 'till it officially gets released.

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