HyperTTS - RegEx rule is unable to filter images

I am trying to add a RegEx rule into HyperTTS. Unfortunately, I am unable to filter images.
Let’s say I am using Cloze deletion cards, and the image itself is a cloze deletion. On generating the audio for collection (not real time), the image file name gets audioed which should not occur ideally. For example:

><div>The best spaced-repetition software available to use is {{c1::Anki<br><img src="anki.jpg">}}</div>

In the real-time audio generation, the image file name (in this case “anki.jpg”) does not get placed into the TTS. However, in the Audio Collection, this name gets generated. So I tried to add a RegEx rule:

<img src=".*?\.jpg">

But this still generates the audio for the file name “anki.jpg” Not too sure what I am doing wrong…

After much editing, I figured the best solution were the following codes for RegEx Rules to filter out all images:


I realized I could just use \w* or \d* where w indicates any characters, and d indicates any digits, followed by * to indicate any number of characters. It took some time, but I got it to work. I also used the following RegEx (for png, bmp, gif, tiff, and jpeg files, same rules were applied but with different endings):