Find and replace RegEx that deletes .mp3 tags in card text

Hello all,

I have encountered a problem using HyperTTS. After constantly updating the sound tags of a deck when making some new cards, I came in the position that when I open a card the TTS starts to say both the text on the card, as the sound card. I do understand that the TTS is just recognizing the soundtag as regular text and reading it.

Now I was wonder if I can actually automatically delete all the text sound tags at once with the find and replace function. The tags look like this
Here is the card text [sound:naverclovapremium-fd8b45fc-7f48f4ab-5440d866-9470b3b2-58b6ac8c.mp3]

I tried to enter /[/] (and [] cause I am confused) but it doesn’t work, also it might be obvious but I have basically 0 amount of coding language knowledge.

If anybody could help me with a regular expression that could help me delete all the sound tags that would be great.

Thank you all in advance

Hi, try checking this:


Thank you very much, this worked!

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