HTML leftovers only shown on the iOS editor, not at the desktop editor

Hi Damien,

accidentally I noticed the following:

Say, you batch-remove on the desktop via 'find and replace" some opening HTML, such as .

Then it seems as if the desktop editor would remove the closing HTML by itself, such as , because the closing HTML isn’t shown anymore in the HTML mode of the desktop editor.

But of course it’s still there, as you can see in the HTML mode of the iOS editor and therefore has consequences, for example when you link a field to an online dictionary.

I know, of course one should always think of removing the closing HTML too, even if it isn’t visible on the desktop anymore.

But why react the two HTML editors on iOS and desktop so different?

When writing HTML on these forums, you need to wrap it in back ticks so it appears. Eg




You should not rely on the desktop to fix your broken HTML - it will do so as a side-effect of the way the editor is implemented, but that only happens after you edit the card. The desktop editor will hopefully come to the mobile clients in the future.

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