How to use the next-generation spaced repetition algorithm FSRS on Anki?

It’s not normal. Usually it would be four to six days. Could you paste the full script of the custom scheduling code here?

if you’re talking about the optimizer results then i didnt save them but if you’re talking about the scheduling configuration then here
// Configuration Start

const deckParams = [
// Default parameters of FSRS4Anki for global
“deckName”: “global config for FSRS4Anki”,
“w”: [1.173, 1.3614, 4.6296, -0.6254, -0.7235, 0.0957, 1.8709, -0.01, 1.2467, 1.9321, -0.271, 0.4189, 0.9671],
// The above parameters can be optimized via FSRS4Anki optimizer.
// For details about the parameters, please see:
// User’s custom parameters for global
“requestRetention”: 0.9, // recommended setting: 0.8 ~ 0.9
“maximumInterval”: 36500,
“easyBonus”: 1.3,
“hardInterval”: 1.2,
// FSRS only modifies the long-term scheduling. So (re)learning steps in deck options work as usual.
// I recommend setting steps shorter than 1 day.
// Example 1: User’s custom parameters for this deck and its sub-decks.
// Need to add

to your card’s front template’s first line.
“deckName”: “ALL::Learning::English::Reading”,
“w”: [1.1475, 1.401, 5.1483, -1.4221, -1.2282, 0.035, 1.4668, -0.1286, 0.7539, 1.9671, -0.2307, 0.32, 0.9451],
“requestRetention”: 0.9,
“maximumInterval”: 36500,
“easyBonus”: 1.3,
“hardInterval”: 1.2,
// Example 2: User’s custom parameters for this deck and its sub-decks.
// Don’t omit any keys.
“deckName”: “ALL::Archive”,
“w”: [1.2879, 0.5135, 4.9532, -1.502, -1.0922, 0.0081, 1.3771, -0.0294, 0.6718, 1.8335, -0.4066, 0.7291, 0.5517],
“requestRetention”: 0.9,
“maximumInterval”: 36500,
“easyBonus”: 1.3,
“hardInterval”: 1.2,

// To turn off FSRS in specific decks, fill them into the skip_decks list below.
// And add

to your card’s front template’s first line.
// Please don’t remove it even if you don’t need it.
const skip_decks = [“ALL::Learning::ML::NNDL”, “ALL::Learning::English”];

// “Fuzz” is a small random delay applied to new intervals to prevent cards from
// sticking together and always coming up for review on the same day
const enable_fuzz = true;

// FSRS supports displaying memory states of cards.
// Enable it for debugging if you encounter something wrong.
const display_memory_state = false;

// Configuration End

Could you please let me know where I would be able to find this so I can post it? Thank you

For your parameters, the easy interval for new cards should be 7 days or so. Could you provide more information? Such as the version of Anki, FSRS and so on.

And the card info for this case.

latest version of Anki and FSRS

Easy is between 4-8 days but still I wouldnt expect pressing "easy: once would mean “good” would be after a month and a half

What should i set my maximum interval, easy bonus, and hard interval?

Keep it default if you use the same settings in the default algorithm.

i copied someone elses settings like 2 years ago. Been using them ever since. Honestly, i dont know if they work well for me since my cards always piled up because i am not a very organized person. Thiş is how they look like right now.

My variables : “w”: [0.9996, 1.022, 5.0, -0.5, -0.5, 0.2, 1.4, -0.12, 0.8, 2.0, -0.2, 0.2, 1.0],

learning steps was 25m 1d i changed it to 25m 6h since you said dont use 1d.

You can use this website app to generate personal parameters for yourself.

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Unfortunately, I do not see “FSRS enabled”. Does this mean that it is not running for me?

Check the custom scheduler code you pasted. You have to enable the "display_memory_state " variable (=true instead of = false) (Line 55 in the current latest one: fsrs4anki/fsrs4anki_scheduler.js at main · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki · GitHub
to see the text. It does not mean it’s not working! It’s disabled by default and just for debugging purposes really

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Hello everyone, first of all, I’m sorry if my question turns up to be stupid or redundant, but I didn’t find an answer to my doubt anywhere, basically I’m used to do a “custom study” → “review forgotten cards” from my phone just before going to bed, set to not alter the scheduling, however after setting everything up FSRS helper seems to still use the data from that short session to reschedule cards (wich is extremely dangerous since you have to press easy on them to graduate them in this mode, and will alter the scheduling significantly).

So I was just wondering if there was some way to tell FSRS to not use that data just like vanilla anki does.
And now that I’m here, the question of whether the optimizer will take that data from “review forgotten cards” sessions popped in my mind, because with all those easy button presses I’m afraid that what will happen is the exact opposite of optimization lol

Could you share the affected cards with me? Or paste the cards’ info here.

Don’t know if this is what you were looking for, and I don’t have long term data since I reverted everything as soon as I noticed the issue, I tried to replicate the situation, this is the info page of a card that was due tomorrow, reviewed it on my phone using custom study and fsrs helper threw it a couple of days forward after doing the automatic reschedule after synching

OK, I know how to deal with this case now. Just skip review log typed Filtered when rescheduling. I will check the code later.

Oh okay, thank you for the super quick reply! :+1:

Please check the update of add-ons. I have updated the add-on.

Oh wow that was fast, thanks again, now it seems to be working fine.