How to use the next-generation spaced repetition algorithm FSRS on Anki?

Per deck is better if the materials in the decks are very different.

Hm, I find it difficult to assess in practice whether two decks are sufficiently different.

Can we rely on loss after training as an indicator (cf. your explanation here)?

  • If it is smaller when the whole collection is optimized, then it is more efficient to use one set of variables parameters for the whole collection.
  • If the single deck optimizations return smaller losses after training, then it is more efficient to use a set of parameters for each deck.

… Correct?

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Early access to my new paper about spaced repetition algorithm:

Sorry for the pay wall. The open access publishing costs 1750$, which is too expensive to me. I will share some details in a few days.


Hey, been using it for months and I have a question. Before using FSRS, my retention was 90%. I had a drop in cards the first few days (as expected), but over the course of the weeks I’ve been using the addon, the numbers of cards have increased (from an average of 80 to now around 150-180) and so has my retention rate (now 92% for the last month). Why might this be?

Is there a way to adjust the retention rate?

Yes. It’s 90% by default.

How do we adjust it?

Look at the text you pasted in your options

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