How to turn 'pre' tag into inline 'code' in the Mini Format Pack add-on?

I’m running Anki 2.1 on both Windows 10 and Mac BigSur, with the MINI FORMAT PACK add-on.
I’d like for the ‘Insert Code’ button to actually insert the highlighted text into a ‘code’ HTML tag, not a ‘pre’ tag. Also, it works funny on both platforms – rather than turning just the selected text into inline code, it turns the whole line (and beyond) into code.
Any work around to put selected text into code blocks?
Please see before and after screenshots included.

tried modifying the file and then re-starting Anki but the button stopped working altogether. Had to roll back changes.

Just upgraded to version 2.1.46 and it has a dedicated button for an HTML view of a card (keyboard shortcut: Shift + Ctr/Cmd + X). Pressing it causes the Front or Back boxes to turn into a sort of IDE for HTML coding. To me this seems a temp work-around, although I hope in future releases we’ll get a dedicated and specific button for inline code snippets.

Hey pgo, i wanted to do the same so i did some googling and someone made a PR for this and it’s merged but Glutanimate hasnt released an update since 2018. If you are still looking to do this check the commits here github[dot]com/glutanimate/mini-format-pack/pull/13/commits/725bb8595631e4dbc56bf881427aeada848e43c9

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