How to share on ankiweb


I can’t work out how to export cards created on ankiweb.

When I click on a deck I only have the option to share publically.

The explanation given on Anki of selecting file as the first step followed by a series of other steps to share privately is not possible. On the ankiweb version there is no file option.

When I click on a deck I only have three options: rename, share and delete. When I click share it takes me to the pubilically share screen.

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There are two actually very distinct things.

The first one is publish your deck on ankiweb. This is what the Share button does. This means that it will be added to a big list of decks available by everyone. This is the only sharing feature of Anki Web, and is specific to Anki Web.

The second one is to export your deck, and share it by your own means with whomever you want. This can be done with the desktop version of Anki, and cannot be accomplished through the web interface.

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Thanks for the reply.

Is there a way to work on a dec I’ve created on an iMac from other computers then?

Such as windows computers at work.

Install Anki Desktop on another computer (e.g. at work), open it and click “Sync”, then type in your
AnkiWeb credentials and your decks will be downloaded. You don’t need to open the AnkiWeb site to sync your decks between clients.