How do I transfer Decks from Web to Desktop App?

Hey there, I’m fairly new to Anki and for some reason I can’t find anything concerning this specific problem.
I created decks in the Web Version of Anki and now wanted to transfer them to the Anki App on my Laptop (because I want to share them and incluce graphics on my card).
But I can’t find any way to transfer the decks. I thought I could use synchronize but nothing happens when I use it. Since it only seems possible to enable the share function through the App I also can’t simply download or import them.
Is there any way to put the decks I created in the web version into my Desktop App?
Thanks in advance.

Because of some of the terminology you’re using, I’m going to check first –

Are you talking about AnkiWeb ( and Anki Desktop (

I’m not trying to nit-pick your wording as a beginner :sweat_smile:, I just want to make sure you’re asking about the right program (and not one of the copycats).

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I seem to can’t include links here but I have my decks on the first link you posted, the web version that you can access through your browser.

And then there is the “Anki Universal” App that you can download. Thats where I want to transfer my decks to.

Sorry If I wasn’t clear :smiley:

This app is not part of the Anki ecosystem.

Please download Anki for desktop from here:


Thank you, I had to change my Windows settings but then was able to download the original app and transfer my decks!

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Excellent! I’m glad you found the right app. Get acquainted with the basics of how it works – Getting Started - Anki Manual – and post again if any questions come up as you start studying!

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